About Me

I've spent my whole medical career working as a Cardiologist. I have been lucky enough to practice at some of the best hospitals across the UK working with the best coronary care professionals in the NHS.

For the last 30 years, I have also run a private cardiology practice.

Dr Swan's

Based on my experience of helping thousands of patients with worrying heart symptoms I have three core beliefs about patient care that are central to the way that I practice medicine, my 'Patient Charter'...

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    Every patient is unique

    Time is NOT an issue! My private appointments last as long as they need to.

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    Patients want answers and options

    I will help answer the questions that you have and be clear with you about what you need to do next. You will get a lot of personalised information from your telephone consultation. If further investigations are recommended I can discuss what is involved and how you can arrange them.

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    Patients need clarity & understanding

    I can't promise definitive answers to all of your questions. But I will communicate clearly with you at all times and ensure that you understand your situation. You can book a telephone consultation with me whenever you want, even if all you want to do is talk and find out more about your symptoms or condition. My - online - door is always open!

Dr Swan Interventional Cardiologist Manchester

I am a specialist Interventional Cardiologist

I am a Consultant Cardiologist, and I do all of the things that a cardiologist usually does - diagnose, assess and treat patients with diseases and defects of the heart.

As an Interventional Cardiologist, I am also qualified to carry out more advanced interventional procedures such as coronary angiography and stenting.

I am also a specialist in screening for underlying heart disease and the provision of cardiac assessments for athletes.

My Medical Biography

I am a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist with over 30 years experience! I qualified as MBChB at Manchester University in 1983 and my cardiology training was undertaken at several major London teaching hospitals including Royal Brompton National Heart and Lung Institute, Harefield Hospital and King's College Hospital.

I was awarded an MD in Cardiology in 1994 after completing original and innovative research in the area of cholesterol measurement. After being appointed as Consultant Cardiologist I was instrumental in the development of a new and very successful Interventional Cardiology service for the North West of England based at the Pennine Acute Trust’s Silver Heart Unit.

My specialist areas of interest are coronary heart disease and coronary artery stenting and I also have a lot of experience in screening for underlying heart disease and the provision of cardiac assessments for athletes.

My main clinical interests include; coronary angiography; coronary angioplasty; echocardiography; stress ECG; cardiac arrhythmias; hypertension and blood pressure monitoring; pacing and heart failure.

I've been a privately practising Consultant Cardiologist since 1995. I provide a full cardiac assessment and treatment service in the private sector.