Need a Second Opinion?

If you have a heart-related illness you are probably very anxious and have a lot of questions. Often these questions are not properly answered.

It is your right to have a second medical opinion. If you want one. If your GP or NHS consultant has left you with doubts you can book a telephone consultation with me online.

of a second opinion

You don't have a legal right in the UK to a second medical opinion and your GP or NHS consultant may refuse your request for one. However, you can seek a private second opinion and you don't need a referral to do so.

There are valid reasons for you to seek a cardiology second opinion. You might not be comfortable with your GP's level of experience treating your problem. Maybe you don’t feel that your NHS consultant is listening to your questions and concerns or providing enough information for you to make an informed decision.

Diagnosis is a complicated process. That is why most doctors are happy to have their decisions checked.

Most importantly it gives you peace of mind that the treatment options recommended for you are the best available to you.


Many GPs have only about eight minutes to see a patient, and some are seeing 60 patients a day. Almost inevitably there will be misdiagnosis, lack of knowledge and wrong treatments occurring.

Dr Swan's

Based on my experience of helping thousands of patients with worrying heart symptoms I have three core beliefs about patient care that are central to the way that I practice medicine, my 'Patient Charter'...

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    Every patient is unique

    Time is NOT an issue! My private appointments last as long as they need to.

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    Patients want answers and options

    I will help answer the questions that you have and be clear with you about what you need to do next. You will get a lot of personalised information from your telephone consultation. If further investigations are recommended I can discuss what is involved and how you can arrange them.

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    Patients need clarity & understanding

    I can't promise definitive answers to all of your questions. But I will communicate clearly with you at all times and ensure that you understand your situation. You can book a telephone consultation with me whenever you want, even if all you want to do is talk and find out more about your symptoms or condition. My - online - door is always open!

If you have doubts and want a second opinion book an appointment to see me. Peace of mind in less than 60 seconds (that's how quickly you can book an appointment online)

Frequently asked ...

I have tried to answer the most asked questions about telephone and video consultations on my frequently asked questions page here ...../ If you have others then get in touch using my contact page here ..../

Can anyone book a telephone consultation?

Yes. You don't need anyone's permission to book a consultation with me. If you have concerns about your health you can book a consultation at a time that best suits you using my online booking system. You don't need a GP referral and you don't have to wait.

What's does a telephone consultation involve?

I can cover most of the things that you would normally expect to happen in a physical, face to face consultation.

I will take a detailed history and go over the symptoms and health issues that you have. If further tests are required I can advise you what is required and in some cases arrange those for you. I will address your concerns with a professional medical assessment of your condition.

I can give you advice about medications and issue prescriptions if required.

How much does an telephone consultation cost?

A general cardiology telephone consultation costs £95. You can pay this when you book your appointment online. You can change the appointment details up to 24 hours beforehand. Additional tests may be required and there are full details here on my 'Fees and Treatment Prices' page.

What happens after I book my appointment?

You will immediately receive a booking confirmation confirming the day and time for your telephone consultation. My practice manager will confirm your appointment details by email during office hours.

Please remember to have your contact telephone/mobile with you at all times 15 minutes before your appointment time as we tend to run on schedule!

I will attempt to call you three times. If there is a problem don't worry my practice team will keep trying and can rearrange the appointment as necessary.

What happens after my telephone consultation?

If further tests or treatments are required you have two options. I can book these for you privately or if you would prefer a referral back into the appropriate NHS waiting list I can advise how you can go about it, and in some cases makes the referral for you. I'll discuss both options with you thoroughly before we finish though so you will know exactly what is going to happen next.

If I book a private consultation does that mean I have to pay for any future tests & treatments as well?

No, you can switch back to NHS treatment and, if I can, I will make the referral onto the relevant waiting list for you.

After treatment, you also have the option to re-book with me privately whenever you want.